• The innovation of a New Treatment of Hemoptysis

This remains a completely new method of treating bloody expectoration. The beauty of  the method is that it is easy, economic, repeatable, can be performed in small set ups without costly instruments and the expertise can be easily prepared. This can largely substitute costly bronchial artery embolization and surgery. This method has the potential to help millions of people in the developing world.

(CHEST 2002; 121: 2066- 69), (Ind Jr Chest Dis Allied Sci 2007; 49: 137-42) and (Current Medical trend 2003; 7:1384-88).

  • The innovation of a New Treatment of Emphysematous Bullae

This is an innovative method where big air-pockets in lungs can be easily decompressed and a lot of relief can be offered to many sufferers of emphysema. This procedure has prospect of further improvement and extension of the use / similar other innovations.

(European Respiratory Journal 2007; 29: 1003-1006)

  • The innovation of a New Treatment of Bronchopleural Fistula

This is a novel method of treating a persisting hole in the lung leads to continuous expulsion of air from the lungs to its covering sac, the pleural space. This condition is really a pathetic one especially in patients with underlying lung disease as COPD. The treatment becomes a challenge especially if the leak is at the periphery (alveolo-pleural fistula). There are not many good methods to treat them and the method developed by us is, to our opinion, perhaps the best been discovered so far.

(Ind Jr Chest Dis Allied Sci 2008; 50: 203-208)