Pulmocon 2022 2nd day (Hall A) -Watch live on youtube

Pulmocon 2022 2nd day (Hall B) -Watch live on youtube

Pulmocon 2022 1st day (Hall A) -Watch live on youtube

Pulmocon 2022 1st day (Hall B) -Watch live on youtube

Programme Schedule
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Case based discussion


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Theme: Learning through actual and simulated real world

Programme highlights:

  1. Workshop
    • PG Examination: Preparation for Oral & Practical
    • IOS & FOT (Impulse Oscillometry System & Forced Oscillation Technique
  2. Dr. S N De Memorial Oration
  3. Igniting innovations in young mind
  4. Case based discussion
  5. PG Pulmo Quiz
  6. Research Presentations

Faculty: Renowned national faculty members

Registration Fees:

Registration till 31st Aug, 2022 Registration till 17th Sep, 2022
Delegate: ₹ 3000 Delegate: ₹ 4500
PGT: ₹ 2500 PGT: ₹ 3000
Spot Registration Workshop (Single)
Delegate: ₹ 5000 Delegate: ₹ 2500
PGT: ₹ 4000 PGT: ₹ 1500


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Day-1 Inauguration, Oration, and Award
Day-2 Spirometry, especially beyond FEV1, FVC and FEV1/FVC
Day-3 Approach to hypoxemia - case based discussion of physiology
Day-4 Two Chair’s Test: Its importance in clinical practice
Day-5 Encourage & Energise for an Enlightened Future
Day-6 Spectrum of COVID-19: a case based approach
Day-7 HRCT and MRI scan for physicians
Day-8 Organ affections in Covid-19 & rehabilitation
Day-9 Non-tubercular mycobacterial lung diseases
Day-10 Severe asthma: case based approach
Day-11 Treatment of Airway Diseases
Day-12 Ethical and medicolegal problems faced by a doctor in day to day practice
Day-13 Lung Cancer
Day-14 New diagnostic tools in pulmonary practice: Microbiology
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Tentative program of Pulmocon (up to December 2020)


Module-1 Orations
Module-2 COVID-19
Module-3 Telemedicine
Module-4 Pulmonary vasculopathy
Module-5 COPD
A special talk The 2 Chair Test
Module-6 DPLD
Module-7 Prof S N de memorial oration
Module-8 Case based discussions on OSA and sleep problems:  a multidisciplinary approach
Module-9 Pneumothorax and hydropneumothorax:
Module-10 Research and developments
Module-11 “My approach” to allergy, asthma, and ACO
Module-13 Counting COVID related insights: note from sub-specialities
Module-14 Pneumonia (non-covid in covide time)