This is a joint work with Late Professor Indu Bhusan Chatterjee of the Department of Biotechnology, University of Calcutta. Primarily, it is Prof. Chatterjee’s innovation of a chemical substance (semi-benzoquinone) in cigarette smoke that gets converted to parabenzoquinone (pBQ). Dr Chatterjee found that the parabenzoquinone is neutralized by its antibody. It is seen that those who develop COPD has depleted amount of anti-pBQ antibody the reason of which is not known yet. The detection of inadequate level of anti-pBQ antibody possibly leads to a weakness in protection of the lung injury from pBQ. We took part in the work of identifying the antibody in COPD subjects. The research has significant applied importance since it can identify the susceptible smokers who will develop COPD on smoking. This can help us prevent COPD.

(International Journal of COPD 2017:12 1–10)