Time: 10:00 AM   Venue: Institute of Pulmocare & Research., DG-8, Action Area 1, Newtown, Kolkata 156


Topic Genetic basis diseases

Renowned geneticist Dr. Nitai Bhattacharyya discussed about basics in a very lucid and interesting way. Everyone enjoyed it.


Topic: Pathogenesis of COPD

Dr. Kaustav Ponda. Prof., Calcutta University, had delivered a talk on the pathogenesis of COPD. It was an interesting discourse that leads to lot of insights.

The deliberation ended with a lively interaction with the junior scientists.


Topic: Revolution in computing communication and impact at behavioural nature in futureDr. Tinku Acharya, an eminent scientist and innovator of international repute talked on “Revolution in computing communication and impact at behavioural nature in future”.

It was mesmerizing one and the listeners were spell bound to learn some new horizons of developments.


Topic: Sanskrit culture at Germany

Smt. Mahua Ghosh is a teacher of economics in Germany. She had extensively searched the culture and practice of Sanskrit in Germany over last 2 centuries. She elaborated regarding which all university have departments and programs for teaching Sanskrit, and also about the people who are taking leading role for the surge of interest in Sanskrit in Germany.

Finally she spent some time on Ayurbeda research and culture in Germany. The talk went extremely interesting, thought provoking, and encouraging to all.


Topic: Saraswati Puja and its significance:

The Hindu Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and art, has been embodied is a beautiful idol. Dr. Bhattacharyya travelled through the origin of Saraswati, the significance of her idol and discussed the meaning of some prayers to her.

He elaborated some rituals related to worshiping Saraswati in a beautiful way.

The bottom line for learning is strong desire, keen efforts and pure sincerity (respect / Sharddha), he elaborated.


Topic: Academic environment in USA through the eye of an Indian student:

An Indian student doing phD in USA finds the US education system different and effective than that of ours. It allows flexibility, freedom, responsibility and accountability more than one can avail in India apart from the issue of faculties.
The speaker elaborated the beauties of the education system in USA and feels that India can learn and implement some of the principles so as to improve its education and research capabilities.
Individual Talent and effort of Indians are not less but perhaps better than anyone abroad.

Topic: The economics of air pollution:

That preventing and reducing air pollution can save billions of dollars for the country. The amount may be equivalent or even more than the annual budget amount of India. Dr. Roy elaborated how this is possible.
He stressed unmediate need for taking measures of pollution control and try indigenous R & D.

Topic: Problems in Research:

A vivid talk from the experience was forwarded.
This was enjoyed by everybody, the issues needs to be discussed in bigger forum.


Topic: Impact of withdrawal of higher currency denomination in healthcare:

This was an important and interesting discourse of discussion with questions and answers amongst the members of the institute. The net effect is a decision to move to cashless transactions in future for the institute.


Topic: Pollution and Impact on health:

The discussion mainly included pollution and its impact with the role of causative pollutants.

Artificial life style, use of plastic etc. are elaborated and preventive strategies discussed.


Topic: Artificial intelligence in medical practice: present & Future:

The issue, importance and the utility of artificial intelligence in clinical practice was discussed in the meeting.
Mr. A Roy from IIT took part with examples from his research.
It was a lively and interactive session.

Topic: Health to Positive Health
It started with the understanding of the concept of health – a journey from ‘germ theory’ to ‘holistic health’. The interaction included components of health – and the scale of health status. The speaker elaborated the scale as one starting from death to absolute health – which he described as attaining wisdom and enlightment beyond physical, mental, social, emotional, and other components.
A quest of positive health is a journey to attain the upper and further the uppermost strata of the scale mentioned. A positive health, as been convinced by the evidences forwarded appeared to pose a positive impact on our symbiotic existence with the animate and inanimate world.
The talk ended with applause.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya


Topic: ABPA

This Thursday, Dr. Sujoy Khan discussed ABPA or Allergic Broncho Pulmonary Aspergillosis. He incidentally narrated a lot about aspergillus, an ubiquitous fungus.

The talk went very interesting with some interactions at the end. Dr. Bhattacharyya explained the indications of antifungals in ABPA.

Speaker: Dr. Sujoy Khan

Topic: Management of BPF Bronchoscopically
Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya discussed what is bronchopleural fistula, how it is formed and leads to which kind of problem.
He discussed the difficulties for diagnosis of BPF and elaborated an innovative technology developed by the institute with the help of capnograph.
The compared the bronchoscopic endobronchial value placement with his capnographic detection followed by sealing with cyanocrylate glue.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya


Topic: Food habit and health.

Dr. Bhattacharyya discussed some important issues as (a) timing of taking food (b) quality of food (c) content of food as reasons for keeping good health. He explained that we (the human breed) are evolutionally more likely vegetarians. He also explained that the local food for any geographical area is the most suitable for people staying in that area.

He stressed on maintain the timing of food intake and to take a lot of vegetable and fruits by us. He explained that the so called ‘fast food’ should better be avoided and traditional food should be encouraged.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya

Topic: Medical Science & Astrology
Sri Asutosh Bhattacharyya, famous astrolyzer of Silchar, Assam, discussed the different places and positions of the body as per the astrological numericals. He discussed astrology as a science and elaborated that heart and lungs occupy the fourth position. He discussed that astrology has two parts, theoretical and applied. According to his narration, astrology can help medicine and humanity a lot through effort in terms of prevention of diseases and promotion of health, peace and creativity.
The listeners interacted freely. It appeared that there is a room of joint research between astrology and medicine.

Speaker: Sri Asutosh Bhattacharyya,

Topic: Issues of  PH in practice: Indian perspective.

The Tuesday talk of the week was shifted to Thursday for accommodation the programs of the WAD (World Asthma Day).This week the talk of the week was “Issues of PH in practice: Indian perspective”.

Dr. Bhattacharyya elaborated the perceived load, and his approach to PH patients been faced by him. He elaborates the issues of interest and stressed on doing urgent research on certain domains.

It appears that the real world situation in India is not congenial to follow the guideline. We need to frame our algorithms.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya

Topic: Three pillars of asthma control.
The discussed pillars ware
  • The compliance to right prescriptions.
  • The adaptation and practice of right use of inhalers.
  • The avoidance of pseudo adherence.
The issues were discussed vividly with examples.

Topic: Scientific Basis of Rituals.

Mr. K Bhattacharyya discussed several rituals relating to different religions and explained their similarities and the universal human applications.

It appears that rituals have scientific basis at its development. Although some of them may have lost their original importance today, some appear still relevant.

Speaker: Mr. K Bhattacharyya.


Topic: Biodiversity and lung diseases

In today’s talk Dr. Bhattacharyya elaborated how the microbiota and host defence interact in our body and keep us healthy and alive. Microbial dysbiosis can cause diseases of different kinds – infective, metabolie, autoimmumo, and others. The doctor finally stressed on maintaining a life style – which has been traditionally accepted and regarded

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya


Topic: Biologics in Asthma therapy
Today Dr. Bhattacharyya talked with the help of chalk and blackboard. He first explained what are Biologics, then went to asthma – detailed the stages, drugs, and control. After that he passed to the patho-biology and elaborated the role of IgE in the process and also some other cytokines. Then he described omalizumab and mopolizumab.
Regarding omalizumab, he elaborated the indications, the mode of injection, side effects, the impact on asthma exacerbation and in the reduction of steroid use for asthma. He discussed the possible future Biologics too.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya

Topic: Common Sleep Disorders
We spend 1/3rd of our lifetime in sleep and that 1/3rd actually determines the quality of the rest 2/3rd period when we remain awaken.
Dr. Bhattacharyya elaborated the broad headings of sleep disorders and then coned down the discussion to OSA – in which he described the prevalence, the mechanism, the untoward effects, the diagnosis and finally the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
He stressed on cognitive, cardiovascular, metabolic, and cerebrovascular effects of the disease and stressed for the need of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya


Topic: Lung Function: Basics of diffusion and measurement of diffusion capacity.

In today’s talk Dr. Bhattacharyya discussed the basics of gas exchange in lungs, why carbon-monooxide is used, what are principles of measurements, and briefly discussed regarding what goes wrong in diseases as emphysema, DPLD, pulmonary vascular diseases (embolism / hypertension). It was a simple but lively presentation.

Speaker: Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya



Topic: Doctors, Health care workers, and citizens: How we can behave and act better to help ourselves.

Dr. Chatterjee highlighted some of strengths and expressed that Indians are no way less capable to cater its need in proper fashion. We should try to impose whenever there is any scope.

Speaker: Dr. Tapas Chatterjee



Topic: Allergy & immunotherapy.

Dr. Khan, a renowned expert in allergy and clinical immunology had given a talk on allergy test – followed by a very exciting intervention.

Speaker: Dr. Sujay Khan