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The Pulmo-Face
A double blind peer reviewed journal of pulmonary science
Official Publication of the
Institute of Pulmocare and Research

Types of Manuscript been Invited

Several types of manuscripts are invited by the journal. They are listed below in the table with the required format for the manuscripts

Original research Case report and case series Reviews Correspondence * Others Special articles*
Title Title Title Title Title Title
Abstract with key words Abstract Abstract Introduction Abstract No specific format ; it is expected that the manuscript will be brief, focused, organized under headings and whenever possible evidence or scientific argument based
Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction
Material and method The case details; The content with headings and subheadings

The content including method, results and discussion, if applicable.

Concluding remarks

The content including discussion,
if applicable.
Findings / results
Conclusion Conclusion Concluding statement
/ remarks
Reference: see above Reference: see above Reference: see above Reference: see above Variable: see above
This category of articles (marked with *) includes lateral thinking/ note of experience / interactive sessions / observations / innovative ideas / new developments / students forum / rejected article forum / new developments / and alike.
The special articles may carry the thoughts, concepts, experience, outlook, and vision of the author authors concerned. The editorial board of the journal, the institute, or nay person related to the publication process bears any legal responsibility for the quality of the content of any such article. No political or religious message has a place in the journal. The journal welcomes scientific debate.