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The Pulmo-Face
A double blind peer reviewed journal of pulmonary science
Official Publication of the
Institute of Pulmocare and Research

Other Important Issues

Publication / processing fee: At present there is no such provision but ant fees, if imposed in future, shall be communicated officially.

The journal, however, intends to charge fees for images printed in color / special black & white and for extra copies of the journal. For printing color pictures, authors need to bear INR 2000 per page and Rs. 250 per extra copy of the journal if sought for. An author can buy extra copies of any issue of the journal with payment been made within a week of acceptance of the manuscript.

Steps to prevent of plagiarism: The journal will try to detect plagiarism at any level any the authors are requested to avoid plagiarism. Any presentation from any other author's work needs to be properly (officially) permitted and acknowledged and the job remains the sole responsibility of the authors of any manuscript been submitted. Out of the list of the authors, in case of any violation of the publication ethics, the corresponding author and may be the senior most (supervising) author will be chosen for sending across of decision and action (if necessary) in relation to any manuscript and authorship. Any degree of plagiarism is clearly discouraged and it can make the article liable to be rejected. Similarly, for data tampering, the authors will be responsible and, if detected, the article will be returned and the authors may be blacklisted with widespread communication/ publication of the decision in the social and scientific community. In case of any legal consequence, it will be dealt in the jurisdiction of the Kolkata high court.

Guest authorship must be avoided and the contributions of each author should be expressed clearly with countersignature in the table format (provided under "sending a manuscript")