Health check-up



Our rural camp at Sahabad, Rajnagar, of Birbhum district on 30th April 2017 was successful.

We could cater to 86 people out there with evaluations, consultations, and medication free of cost.



We had a wonderful day on 19th at Sahabad village of Rajnagar block, Birbhum district.

We could include 117 patients (all from tribal population) in the program. We had got the ECG, Chest X-ray, Spirometry – been done already by our volunteers. Now, we have seen them clinically and given advice.

On return, we are overwhelmed by the love that they have expressed to us. The local young girls danced to the tune of madal (local drums) to welcome us.


Our Rural Camp held on 26/02/17 went successfully at Gangmuri village, Rajnagar block of Birbhum district, West Bengal.

We have seen 96 patients and arrange their investigations and medications.

Our rural brothers and sisters co-operated us like anything. The whole exercise was enjoyable.


The last camp at Birbhum district was held at Gangmuri village, of Rajnagar Block on 03/07/16.

We had 59 guests to the camp and everyone was completely worked up.

So far we have covered over 700 population (both tribal and no tribal) in last 2 years at different camps.

Each of our guest is evaluated with routine haemogram and biochemistry, chest X-ray, ECG, and lung function tests. They are given medications. On return they gave us the pleasure of meeting them and having lunch with them.We see to stop the temporarily suspend for the
next 3 months or so for rain and other reasons.

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Our camp for rural respiratory health assessment on 19/06/16 was held at Gangmuri village of Rajnagar Block, Birbhum District.

We checked 55 participants thoroughly and they have evaluated with our format of investigations (ongoing). The camp was a great success.



The institute has performed its last rural camp at Bhurabali Village, Rajnagar block, Birbhum.

We have seen 91 patients, distributed drugs, offered refreshments and some practical health related advice to our guests.

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28/02/16 Health check-up at Rajnagar block of Birbhum district, West Bengal
17/01/16 Health check-up at Rajnagar block of Birbhum district, West Bengal
03/01/16 Health check-up at Rajnagar block of Birbhum district, West Bengal