Pulmonary Rehabilitation

It is a non-pharmacological interaction to help patients regain health, activity, well-being and confidence.

It started on October 2021 with the help of Cipla foundation. Now, with withdrawal of the main support, we are forced to change minimal amount from our patient.

Scopes: COPD, ILD, Others

COPD rehab: suits all severity of COPD

Mode of joining: please express your desire at our reception / contact us on e mail at ipcr_india@yahoo.com


We have made the following modules to accommodate the logistic feasibility of the patients.

  • Module 1: (To visit once in a Month)
  • Module 2: (to visit once in a week)
  • Module 3: (to visit once in 3 months)
  • Module 4 : not interested to participate: they need not enroll but are provided with some essential training and education at the initial visit.

Training and assessment –

  • Bronchial hygienesee sample pictures (Charge INR ..….)
  • Breathing training Link of YouTube video (gif) (Charge INR ..….)
  • Endurance trainingLink of YouTube video (gif) (Charge INR ..….)
  • Strength trainingLink of YouTube video (gif) (Charge INR ..….)

Mode – group educationLink of YouTube video (gif)

Monitoring –

  • Physical
  • Distant

Important educative material (Link of PDF file)
Contraindications – Significant unstable cardiac or other disease that would make pulmonary rehabilitation exercise unsafe or prevent programme participation. Active hemoptysis forms a contraindication for pulmonary rehabilitation.
Interaction – weekly webinar