Summer Symposium–2024

On integrated approach to ILD
Venue: Pride Plaza Hotel, Kolkata 
Terminus, B.G-12, Action Area, 1-B, New Town, Kolkata – 700156
Date: 26th May 2024 
Time: 10 am to 04:30 pm 

Organised by: 

Institute of Pulmocare & Research

Phone: 8274081205

Website: www.pulmocareindia.org

Program Highlights: 

  • Lectures with discussion – 
  • Case presentations with panel discussion covering issues on – 
  • Clinical and radiological diagnosis of ILD. 
  • Appreciation of HRCT changes in ILD. 
  • Interpretation of different lung function parameters – Spirometry, DLCO, Lung volumes 
  • Approach to serological evaluation. 
  • Multidisciplinary discussion – when & how? 
  • Histo – morphological diagnosis. 
  • Treatment approach of ILD in general. 
  • Miscellaneous issues in ILD (exacerbation, ILD-PH, ILD-OAD  overlap) 

Faculty: All renowned national faculty members. 

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