Patient information

Presently, our activities (at the institute premises) have been restricted to OPD service, few investigations, rehabilitation, research, and education only. We do bronchoscopy, sleep study, and in-house activities in some close-by hospitals and nursing homes through collaborations. We are in a process to develop diseases specific divisions.


    • Appointment booking for consultation (Phone: 8274081205 / 8017990424 during working hours) (online booking under preparation) Please download this attached form, (click here for form in English or Click here for form in Bengali) fill it up and bring it with for doctor’s consultation.
    •  Investigations Available:
Inhouse In collaboration
  • Hematology
  •  Sleep study
  • Basic biochemistry
  • HRCT chest
  • Radiology
  •  2CT
  • HP profile
  • 6MWT
  • Right Heart Catheterization
  • Spirometry
  • Lung Perfusion Scan
  • DLCO
  •  Collagen and myositis profile
  • FOT
  • Immunology
  • IOS
  • FENO
  • Bodybox (plethysmography)
  • Echodoppler
  • ECG

In 2023-24. We are offering 40% concession directly to all our patients (only) for biochemical and hematological tests. For other tests, in addition, we are mostly very modest and offer concession as and when required. We have selected collaboration with difference renowned institutes/authorities for selective tests. We try and arrange concession for our patients whenever possible. Our consultants report HRCT/CT Chest on wet films of HRCT Chest complimentary to keep the cost low (1600 to 2000 INR)
For convenience we have arranged concessional package, for our patients.

Important Notice
  • All consultations are done on appointment.
  • No provision for ‘emergency’ is available in the institute. We advise at emergency for very sick patients: please attend a hospital first
  • No inhouse care facilities are available
  • The patients need to provide us with correct phone number and address. Sometimes the number are not found correct.
  • The foreigner patients need to provide a copy of the of the first and last page of valid passport (noting the identity and the address).
  • The patients need to sign a consent to allow their data for research without disclosing identity.
  •  (Watch our videos and educational contents for tests and other purposes)


List of consultants:
  • Dr. Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya
MD, DNBE (internal medicine), DM, (Pulmonary Medicine)
  • Dr. Avishek Kar
MD, (Pulmonary Medicine)
  • Dr. Abhra Ch. Chowdhury
DNB med, DM (on prefixed days)
  • Dr. A Saha
MS, DNB, D.Orth (on prefixed days)

Statutory note for consultation:

    • Please fix your tentative appointment with us (phone at 8017990424 from 10.30 to 4.30 pm) on working days
    • Please confirm your appointment (date and time) with a phone call within the preceding 48 hours of our appointment. Please inform cancellation preferably before 48 hours of the appointment. Any inability will be informed from our side duly if we need to cancel any appointment of unavoidable reasons and readjust the time or date.
    • Please come before one hour of your appointment time.
    • Please have at least one attendance with a sick patient.
    • Time for doing investigation: should be kept in mind. We try investigations as far as feasible on the same day to save your time and money. This demands extra time to stay at the institute. Sometimes, pulmonary rehabilitation and education
    • Patient on Ambulance / sick patients: We will try to see on priority. Please inform beforehand at our reception desk.
    • Please keep at least 3 hours of time in hand in average for a complete consultation.

N.B.:- we do not have indoor and emergency facilities

Fix the date, Fix the time (call us at 8274081205 / 8017990424 during working hrs.)

If you have booked online on advance payment (no such system is yet in vogue), the advance amount will be forfeited if no information is provided before 12 hours of the visit.