To reach us you need to reach the Rabindratirtha/ Narkelbagan in New Town. This is the most prominent point in the area. From there, you have to go towards the Newtown Techno India College. Just cross the college and find a road going to your left towards the New Town DPS School. Soon you find our Institute on the left hand side. (see map)

Bus Route to IPCR, Newtown from different renowned places

From Bus No. Stoppage
Sealdah Station S-12E, AC-12 Newtown Techno
Bidhan Nagar station S-30, K1, KB-16, KB-22, 260 Newtown Techno India
Dakshineswar DN2/1, JM-1 Newtown Techno India
Dunlop AC-25 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Kolkata Station S-53, KI Newtown Techno India
Lake Town 47, KB-16 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Ahiritola 211B Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Airport K2, DN-47, 237 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
VIP 237 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Haldiram 237 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Karunamayee (Saltlake) K2, DN-46 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Barasat DN-47, Barasat to Botanical Garden Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Dattapukur DN-47, Dhulagarh, Santragachi Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
New Barrackpur New Barrackpur-Narkel Bagan Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Sapoorji Paloonji DN2A Newtown Techno India
Unitech KB-12 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Kasba Kasba-Newtown Newtown Techno India
Behala/ Rabindranagar KB-12 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Parnarsee Parnasree-Newtown Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Rabindra Sadan Santragachi-Unitec, Rabindrasadan-New Town Newtown Techno India
Tollygunge Tollygunge-Unitech Newtown Techno India
Khudghat VS-10, Ac-47, Tollygunge-Unitech Newtown Techno India
South City AC-4A Newtown Techno India
Rubi AC-4A, AC-47 Newtown Techno India
Kalikapur AC-4A Newtown Techno India
Joka MB-8, 3-U5 Newtown Techno India
Gariahat AC-47 Newtown Techno India
Howrah Station S-12, AC-12 Newtown Techno India
Santragachi Santragachi to Unitech (Via Rabindra Sadan) Newtown Techno India
Dankuni Dankuni-Newtown Newtown Techno India
Bally Halt Dankuni-Newtown Newtown Techno India
Botanical Garden DN-47 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Dhulagarh DN-47 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha
Durgapur DN-46 Narkelbagan / Rabindratirtha